We are honored to take your loved one on a final journey to a
resting place that will truly honor their life.  We offer ash

unique and personalized memorial services anywhere, worldwide.

Who is Summit Saints for?
Summit Saints is designed for family and friends who cannot travel to the location that will honor their loved one.  Whether it be financial restraints, physical capability, job restrictions, or simply having a busy schedule.  There are many technicalities governing scattering human remains.  Let the professionals handle the details and allow you to enjoy a one-of-a-kind final journey.   Summit Saints staff handle the permitting process, first aid medical coverage, videography, transportation of ashes, and logistics of the experience. All that is needed from you is to show up or logon! We offer options for live stream video during the journey so that you and your family can be with us every step of the way.

Why choose Summit Saints?

We strive to make Summit Saints the most personalized ash scattering service available. Rest assured we hand deliver your loved one's cremains to the location of your choosing.  Everyone at Summit Saints cares deeply about the work we're involved with and will do whatever we can to make the experience meaningful.  Our videos are professional quality, we even offer options for live streaming. Our journeys are made safe by our trained wilderness team. We'll take care of all the logistics and details so that this experience can be stress-free and allow for healing.

Can my family and I come along?
Of course! Watching the memorial video is extremely touching and beautiful, but being there will leave you with an experience that will never be forgotten.  All staff are Wilderness First Aid and CPR trained.  We do not cover travel expenses, but provide refreshments and any equipment needed for specific journeys (such as rock climbing, rafting, skiing, hiking, etc.).  

Are there laws governing ash scattering?
Public Land– Laws may vary on a county-by-county, or state-by-state basis. When scattering on public land we obtain permission from local government officials before scattering.
Private Land- For private land written permission from the land owner is obtained before
any ash scattering.
Waterways- Federal law states spreading ashes at sea must be done at least 3 nautical miles away
from shore.  Spreading ashes in inland waterways, such as a river or lake, are governed by the clean
water act and typically require a permit from local government.
National Parks- Each National Park has their own park specific rules.  For example Joshua
Tree National Park prohibits ash scattering, but in Sequoia National Park you simply need
to fill out an ash scattering permit.  In most, but not all cases, national parks require a permit.

Bottom line is that ash scattering is done on a case by case basis and each time is different depending on the location.  You can leave the permitting process up to us!

How do I get my loved one's ashes to you?

Mailing tends to be the safest and most inexpensive way.  Typically shipping is done from one funeral home to another.  If there is a specific funeral home or crematorium in your area that you prefer to use that's great!  If not we will contact a funeral home in your area and coordinate the shipping process to a partner  funeral home in our area.  Your funeral home will assume custody when you drop off your cremated remains.  When the post office picks them up they assume custody and mark the package accordingly. Our partnered funeral home will assume custody after they arrive.  Finally we assume custody a few days before the memorial.  We will notify you when your loved one's cremains arrive at the designated funeral home as well as when we assume custody. This way you know where your loved one is at all times. 

What services does Summit Saints offer?
We offer a variety of services which are highly customizable.  National Parks, personal private land and meaningful public spaces have been very popular for memorials. We have options for unwitnessed ash scattering (we scatter the ashes), witnessed ash scattering "aka" guided journeys (you and your family allow us to guide you to a designated location), and personalized ceremonies (family retreat, extended journeys, live streamed scatter).  We offer packages for those that loved to ski, which might involve releasing ashes on a mountain while skiing. We even have options for a loved one who mountaineered or was a climber.

How much does it cost?
We strive to make this service affordable for everyone.  That's why we have basic packages beginning at
$500.  If you don't have a specific date in mind and/or don't plan on being there for the scattering we can schedule multiple scatterings on the same day to help save on cost. Please view our services and pricing page for more information.

What extra options do you offer?
Jewelry- We have many options for keepsakes that can be worn in the memory of your loved one.  We have items ranging from pendants to simple bracelets.  Some popular items include wearable vessels which can hold a small about of your loved one's cremains. 
Commemorative Poster- a personalized poster with your loved one’s name, birth date, date of passing, picture, etc. (customized to your preference).  This poster can be nice to have in a video for an unwitnessed journey if you are unable to attend.
Drone Video Footage- We offer drone video footage of the memorial service which help capture the serenity of your loved one's final journey. You and your family can always look back on the footage and be reminded of the beauty of their resting place. Our videos can shared with family and friends on social media so that everyone touched by your loved one can witness this amazing experience.  
Musician Options- For those who are musically inclined, we have musicians that work with Summit
Saints who can be involved before, during, or after the ash scattering.

*Personal Customized Options- We strive to make this experience perfect. Ask us what we can do make it so.

How much do competitors charge for similar services?

Standard funeral, burial with ceremony- $8,500

Scattering by Air- starting $600-$1,400

Deep Sea Coral Reefs- $2,995-$7,495

Cremation Fireworks- $3,000

Balloon Scattering- $6,000-$12,500

What if I personally want my ashes scattered in my favorite location after I pass?

We can help with this process, it will involve adding this to your will.  There's always stories of people who wanted to be cremated and have their ashes spread, but the process was never seen through.  The events following death are very important and we believe every person should be laid to rest in their desired location.  Even if you do not use our services we strongly encourage you to include what you wish to be done with your body in your will. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

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