We ensure that your loved one’s memory and body can find peace anywhere on the planet

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Here at Summit Saints, we are driven by a single goal; help everyone who's experiencing loss to find closure.  We accomplish this each time we help families reach a sense of peace after honoring their loved one's life.  We strive to nurture a healthy mourning process in a natural and therapeutic way. Our services are nondenominational, we accomodate any religious or spiritual preference.  

Travel with family and friends to a favorite location or area where you'll embark on a journey that creates a lasting legacy.

Customize the memorial service personally to ensure the experience is one of a kind. This could be adding a favorite song, poem or bible scripture. You can even make the journey a bike ride or ski outing.

Our staff is trained in wilderness therapy, first aid and cpr to assure the journey is safe and worry-free. We'll help you scout and select a trip that will meet your needs.

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